Instagram Was Down on March 13, 2019 and The World Just Wasn't The Same

#InstagramBlackout2019 was a very sad day on the internet, and Twitter delivered.

March 14, 2019

USA Today


On March 13, 2019 there was an Instagram blackout. No one could post, no one could share memes, no one could share what they ate for lunch, and the country was SHOOK. 

Instagram models across the world thought they were going to be out of a job. FitTea was nervous their sales for their upcoming quarter would go down. And men had to approach women in grocery stores to get a date.

So during all major events that happen worldwide, I went to Twitter to see how everyone was doing. 


1. Girl, I am with you. Twitter is my favorite form of social media, even though you probably don't believe me with the amount of selfies I take.



2. Embrace beautiful planet Earth.



3. Again, Twitter is awesome! Give it a chance.



4. I still want to know WHY it was shut down? Russia? Hackers? WHAT HAPPENED?



5. Sorry MySpace, you will never be a thing again! 



6. But what was Stassi's OOTD? (Vanderpump Rules reference)



7. Hahhahah this made me laugh



8. But how cute is this baby?



9. I feel like some people really did have a panic attack



10. And I saved the best for last. ALL BOW DOWN TO THE QUEEN.



Happy to confirm Instagram is up and running for all of your liking, commenting, and "sliding into the DMs" pleasure. Lets pray this never happens again. 


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