Ice Skating Rink Coming to Boston's Seaport District

November 8, 2019

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Winter is right around the corner, and even though we will all miss drinking White Claws and eating lobster rolls, we have a lot of fun cold weather activities to look forward to. Including snuggling by a fireplace, drinking spiked hot chocolate, eating some warm hearty soup, and ICE SKATING! 

"Sharpen Your Skates: An Ice Skating Rink is Coming to the Seaport" -Boston Magazine • WS Development has news for you! Cisco Brewer's beer garden will not be opening up for winter, however, an outdoor ice skating rink will be taking it's place right in the center of Seaport. • The rink will be complemented with an outdoor deck, tree market, and warming tent and will be available as early as this December! And that's not all, booze will be an option as well! #seaportboston #seaportbostonicerink Who would you ice skate with? tags your friends!!!

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Boston's Seaport district is opening a brand new ice skating rink on December 1, 2019. According to Boston Magazine, the 100 x 60 foot rink will be accompanied by an “outdoor deck,” “tree market,” and “warming tent” where alcohol is expected to be available. Get your cutest winter gear ready, because this will definitely be a place you will want to visit!