How Twitter is Reacting to Kim & Kanye Naming Baby Number 4 Psalm West

I believe you pronounce Psalm like the tree - palm tree.

May 17, 2019

Kim Kardashian West announced on Instagram baby number four's name. Lots of rumors were being spread that the name was Bear West, another play on words like her oldest, North. However, as rumors usually prove to be wrong, the beautiful boy is actually named Psalm West.

‪Psalm West ‬

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Although a lot of Twitter is reacting poorly to the baby's name, I actually really like it. Psalm means a sacred song or hymn. Which if you think about it makes total sense. Kanye writes songs for a living, and his newest adventure is holding church services. I truly believe the name Psalm is beautiful, but these tweets did make me laugh!

1. Love me a good gif

2. I swear, "bible"

3. BAHHHAhahahahhahaha

4. Coachella WATCH OUT!

5. YEE-HAW !!

6. South by South WEST ...?

7. Belly laughed after reading this one.

8. 'Summer Heights High' references will always make me smile.

9. North West <3 

10. Also, love a 'Mean Girls' reference

What are your thoughts? Are you here for it like I am? Or do you think its a stupid name? I mean, I think it is more meaningful than Apple.