How Twitter Reacted To 'Thank U, Next'

Ariana Grande's newest album, 'Thank U, Next' dropped today, and Twitter was more than pleased.

February 8, 2019
Ariana Grande.jpg



To celebrate the launch of Ariana Grande's newest album, 'Thank U, Next' I wanted to share tweets which celebrated the high ponytail wearing artist's newest accomplishment. 


1. WOW! Just proving that all 12 songs are bops! 


2. Again, all 12 songs are BOPS!


3. Will someone get this girl glasses? Again, all bops! 


4. I know what my next Instagram caption will be, "Arms crossed with the attitude, lips pouted, if I'm mad, I ain't gon' lie about it."


5. Honestly, though. Perrrrr timing Ariana!