How Twitter Feels About Daylight Savings Time

November 6, 2019

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Daylight Savings Time is to make better use of daylight. However, the Twitter world doesn't quite agree with the concept. And although we all got an extra hour of sleep for one night, its now dark way too early, and people have been tweeting exactly how they feel about it.

10 Best Tweets about #DaylightSavingsTime

1. The closest we wil ever get to time travel!

2. And it's 1:00 AM again!

3. Will I ever see sunlight ever again?

4. Amazing! Remind me to tweet this next year! 

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5. Y'all are lazy!


7. Couldn't agree more.

8. Seriously - I miss the sun.

9. Yep. I definitely feel sadder this week.

10. Is it bedtime yet?


Only 6 more months until we spring forward!