Go to a Patriots Game, But Make it Fashion

Here's some comfy and cute clothes you can wear to a Patriots game this season!

August 23, 2019

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For the last four seasons, I have NOT missed a Patriots home game at Gillette Stadium. That means I have watched pre-season games in the hot summer heat, cold fall rainy games, and you can bet I have frozen my little toosh off at freezing winter night games. 

I have definitely mastered "football fashion" and learned from my mistakes. Here are some tips and tricks!

1. DO NOT WEAR HEELS LADIES! I know some of you are reading this like what? Who would wear heels to a football game? I agree! I would NEVER. But I see it at every game, and these poor women with their feet killing them by the 2nd quarter. At a Celtics game you could definitely pull it off because TD Garden is much much smaller. But at Gillette Stadium there is just far too much walking for even Miss Universe to pull off heels. 

Patriots heels or no Patriots heels, girl can get it. #NewEngland #Patriots #NFL #TNF #Heels #PatriotsHeels #NEvsNYJ

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2. Know the clear bag policy! I've seen so many upset women being turned down at security because they have their beautiful Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag. They will make you either A. Throw it away or B. Make you walk it back to your car; which is most likely about a mile away from the stadium! Do not bring a bag any larger than a small wristlet, unless it is clear. The ProShop at Patriot Place sells clear bags, but here's an even cuter option! 

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3. Stadiums are one of the only places that bedazzling is considered trendy. I personally would never wear bedazzled jeans, hats, gloves, shirts, jackets, etc. for my every day wardrobe. The only time it was acceptable was when we were all younger and our mother's shopped at Cache, and every home had a BeDazzler back in the 90's. However, boring sporting team apparel comes alive with sparkly rhinestones! Whenever I wear my blinged out baseball hat and/or beanie I get stopped by people asking me where they can buy one! Well ETSY is filled with them, as well as some local bling artists you can find on Instagram!

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4. Dress for the weather. We live in New England, so depending on what game you go to the weather could be totally different. Check the weather channel right before you leave your house and make sure you are prepared. There is nothing worse than watching a football game if you are wet, cold, and/or hot. You won't be able to enjoy yourself if you are feeling uncomfortable. 

Aaaaand the Patriots’ season begins now #playofftyme

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5. Early in the season: Try crops tops, biker shorts, a jean jacket (for when the sun goes down) and a baseball cap!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year #LFG

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6. Mid Season: All about the layers so if its chilly you can bundle up, but if you are hot, you can take it off. Try a long sleeve Patriots shirt, a cute silk bomber jacket, and a beanie! 

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7. Towards the end of the season: WEAR IT ALL! I cannot express how cold it can be at Patriots' games. Wear leggings underneath jeans, long sleeve thermal wear, sweater, and a sleeping bag jacket! Gloves! Hats! Scarfs! And all the warmers you can find at your local pharmacy; hand warmers, feet warmers, body warmers, etc. Trust me you are going to need it!

Had the best time at the Patriots Game! So good to spend the day with my Day 1’s while watching the Pats bring home a huge W! Thank you @caseysullivan820 for making it happen! • • • #patsnation #alumni #patsnewlook

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8. Post game:  After a Pats victory, everyone flocks to a Patriot Place bar to celebrate. Again - you want to be comfortable, but stylish! And even if you didn't go to the game, you can pretend like you did and get some of the experience. 

Our quarterback is better than yours -- #tb12

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9. Dress in Patriots' colors. Nothing gets me more annoyed than when people wear the wrong blue, or don't even wear the team's colors. I understand if you don't own anything Patriots, but at least dress in color scheme so you don't stick out in the sea of over 70,000 fans dressed in red, white, or navy blue. 

Game-day in Nashville ----❤️

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10. Don't over do the logo. Don't feel pressured that everything you put on your body has to be a Patriots logo. Good rule of thumb is to have two logos TOPS. 

“Girl you acting light skinned” --

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So even if you can't stand football, go to a game so you can wear one of these cute outfits! Tag me in your photos so I can see the fabulousness! GO PATS!