Disney is Selling Alcoholic Popsicles

They may be expensive, but they will be worth it!

May 14, 2019

USA Today


According to Insider.com, Disney World is selling cocktail popsicles made from liquor, wine, and berries at their Epcot park.

The new #CocktailPopsicles at the #ItalyPavilion cart made my day! The #Lemoncello flavor was so refreshing on a hot day, it also didn’t taste super boozy, which I was happy about! Swipe to see the beautiful raspberries frozen inside!

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Picture yourself walking around Disney, in the hot hot heat, with screaming children running around, just absoultely miserable. Now picture yourself with a nice cold popsicle that is alcoholic. Exactly! Instant gratification!

Thank you Disney for truly being the happiest place on Earth.