Boston Twitter Reacts to Mookie & Price Trade

February 6, 2020
Mookie & Price

Getty Images


On Feburary 4, news broke that Mookie Betts and David Price was traded to the Dodgers. This is how Boston Twitter reacted. 

1. But seriously. Just more bad news after more bad news.

2. It really was awesome! 

3. HAhahaha

4. WOMP. If only we had a manager!

5. Please be wrong!

6. Is this as bad as the Babe Ruth trade? Let's hope we don't get cursed again. 

7. How have I never seen this gif before?

8. All of Red Sox nation.

9. Both trades sting sooo bad!

10. This is the only tweet about the trade that made me smile!


We will definitely miss the roar of "MOOOOOK" at Fenway Park this season. Thank you for all that you both did for Red Sox Nation. You will both be missed.