My Life in One Tweet

I turned 31 this past December, and I relate to this tweet hardcore.

April 16, 2019




Why do I feel so attacked hahahahahaha?!?!?


A year into my 30's and EVERYTHING about this I could relate to. Especially the image where the two people are trying to link up, but their days off don't match lol. THAT IS ME. Depending on the job you work, doesn't it always work out like that? That image is dating in a nutshell these days even with over 9,000 apps available at your fingertips. 


​I still find it funny though lol. I think by the time you're 30 you just know the end results of all these scenarios lol. You don't wanna party too long, you've worked a long day and just wanna chill. You're just.....more conscious of your time? I choose to embrace this tweet, try to be a better person and pretend I'm not getting old lmfao!