JD's Tinkle Timer for "Avengers: Endgame"

With this movie being hella long, I am going to let you know when it is okay to leave the theater.

April 25, 2019



Ohhhhhh boy. It's gonna be a MASSIVE weekend for Marvels Avengers: Endgame! They're saying the movie could make a BILLION dollars at the box office this weekend. Since movies cost 1.3 million dollars to go to anyway, I wouldn't be surprised hahaha.


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But the big question is: Since the movie is over 3 hours long (and you have to tinkle), when are you going to go? Lucky for you, I have the cheat code. 



According to CBS News, Here are the 4 times according to some moviegoers who have seen the flick said to go take a bathroom break:


1) About a half hour into the movie. Theres a scene in San Francisco. Ant Man will be the main character in the scene. So remember: Ant-Man.....and San Fran (hey that rhymed).


2) Some "lunch break scene". A little over an hour into the movie. Thats all I read lol.


3) "Tony Stark and Pepper Convo": Also a little over an hour into the movie. If you see them talking, don't worry, you won't miss a thing. Go take a quick break. 


4) "New Jersey scene": Once again, I have no idea what that means. But if you see anything involving New Jersey, GO. According to sources, this is YOUR LAST CHANCE since everything after that is super important.



There you go. Set your "Tinkle Timer" and enjoy!