Fenway Park Launches YUMMY New Menu Items for the 2019 Season

Looks like Fenway just added some delicious reasons as to why you should visit this historic ballpark.

March 26, 2019

USA Today


According to Boston.com, Fenway Park will be offering some yummy treats this upcoming season. AND I JUST CAN'T WAIT!


1. Although, my favorite thing to eat at Fenway is ice cream helmets with M&Ms, the Banana Splitter might be a close second. 



2. Do you love Buffalo Chicken? Do you love Tots? How about buffalo chicken covered tots! MY MOUTH IS WATERING!



3. At first bacon with lobster sounded disgusting, and then I really thought about it and now I am wondering why I never ate lobster and bacon together before.



Counting down the days for Fenway Opening Day and for when I can shove all this food down my throat.


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See you there Red Sox Nation! Let's get another World Series Ring!