Taylor Swift and Katy Perry Have Ended Their Feud

June 12, 2019
Taylor Swift and Katy Perry End Feud.jpg

Larry Busacca / Getty Images


After years of being part of a huge public feud, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry have finally grown up. It appears that the way to someone's heart truly is through their stomach, as Katy posted a photo in Taylor's kitchen of a plate of chocolate cookies with "peace at last" written in red icing. 

feels good -- @taylorswift

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Katy tagged Taylor in the Instagram post, and even marked the location as "Let's Be Friends". The caption was "feels good ❤️ @taylorswift13" and was posted yesterday.

The two pop-stars have been feuding for years over a shared backup dancer that traded sides often, causing tensions to rise. Katy also got a little too close for comfort with John Mayer, one of Taylor's exes. They both wrote songs about one another, inlcuding Taylor's hit "Bad Blood" and Katy's "Swish Swish".