Woo-Ah! Kim Petras Cements Herself In Pop History With Debut Album 'Clarity'

June 28, 2019
Kim Petras

I'm the bitch with sauce, apparently!

It's an epic day for Pop fans! Kim Petras has officially dropped her debut album Clarity that has positioned herself next to the greats of the genre and the icons she has studied throughout her life. Although she has yet to truly break mainstream notoriety, Clarity cements the singer in Pop histroy and will forever remain a benchmark of what a Pop star is capable of. 

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At her Broken Tour concert last week at The Sinclair in Boston, the Woo-Ah! visionary talked about how she used to listen to Gwen Stefani's Love. Angel. Music. Baby. -- special shoutout to "Crash" -- as an escape in her bedroom back in Germany. She went on say that she hopes that her music provides that same (sweet) escape for her fans, which is exactly what this album has done. During the Bunhead era, we all were hooked with "I Don't Want It At All," "Hillside Boys," and "Heart To Break" among all the other bops, but Clarity has catapulted the singer to a new level that demonstrates her vast knowledge and precision of Pop music. 

Very rarely does a musician come along who truly appreciates Pop music. When I caught up with her after the Bloom Tour, I asked her what her favorite Britney Spears song was. Her answer proves why she's a force to be reckoned with. Kim didn't say "Toxic," "...Baby One More Time," or any of the other standard hits -- she's a true fan who appreciates the deep cuts, and the more experimental tracks that have shaped much of what we listen to. 

This new 12-track era was ushered in weeks ago as Miss Kim surprised Bunheadz (her fans) by dropping a new song every week -- most importantly in time for summer, and Pride month. Even though we got 9 of the 12 songs before today, understanding the songs in context of the entire album offers a fresh experience. 

Clarity delivers bubblegum bops that are some of the most powerful, catchy Pop songs in decades. It offers the escapism that Pop fans crave without diluting the lyrical quality like many singers nowadays that are so literal. Personally, Pop music that offers an escape for me doesn't directly call out the need for that escape and that's where Kim shines. These songs are a sanctuary for fans to break free of all the negative -- live in concert that feeling is amplified beyond belief.

Much of the album sounds reminiscent of the early 2000's aka the decade that all the popular / trendy nostalgic references today keep throwing it back to. "Sweet Spot," arguably the album's shining moment, is a timeless classic. "Got My Number" and "Meet The Parents" highlight that playful edge you expect. "Broken" and "All I Do Is Cry" provide an emotional depth about the trials and tribulations of still being in love with that person -- remember when you said that this would never end? "Icy" is a stark contrast to these feelings that finds Kim with the opposite realization, I used to cry over you baby I've wasted all this time. "Clarity" has been a divisive song yet it's inclusion is essential as it's her triumphant statement on this debut body of work that foreshadows everything that's coming. Laslty, "Blow It All" is another compeltely underrated Pop gem that deserves the spotlight.

Many people might not have heard any of Kim's music, or know who she is, but Clarity is a mind-blowing piece of Pop music that others in the genre will always be compared to. It will most likely never see the recognition that Love. Angel. Music. Baby. received, but it has definitely achieved everything she wished it would.

I can't imagine this year without the feelings, vibes, and comraderie that this music provided for, so thank you for everything Kim!