Wendy's Dropped A Mixtape GRILLING McDonald's And Burger King

"Why yo' ice cream machine always broke?"

March 26, 2018
We Beefin Cover

Wendy's 'We Beefin?' Album Cover


Yasss Wendy's you're doing amazing sweetie!! 

Last Friday, the popular fast food chain dropped a mixtape titled -- wait for it -- We Beefin? and they GRILLED competitors McDonald's and Burger King. This is why you never mess with Wendy's via social media. 

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The chain has been know for their level of petty on Twitter for a while and this is taking it to a whole new level. We Beefin? feautres some great track titles, such as "Rest In Grease," "Twitter Fingers," and "4 For $4." You might think this whole thing is a joke, but seriously when you listen to it you are going to be stunned at the quality of the raps and production. 

Little red-headed Wendy didn't come to play with this one. My favorite line: "You number 1? That's a joke! Why yo' ice cream machine always broke?" 

And if you think you try and diss them via social media? They'll GRILL you...