Watch Out For This Target Scam On Facebook

If you see this post do not click the link!

May 30, 2018
Target Sign

Scott Olson / Staff


Don't fall for this scam on Facebook. 

According to Delish, there is a post going around Facebook asking users to text TARGET to a number and they'll receive a free gift card -- who wouldn't want a free Target gift card?! Well, it's a security and ID theft scam known as "smishing." 

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"It’s like a phishing scam, but the hacker will send you a link over text message rather than email. Once you click on the link, the scammer will bait you for information like you credit card information or your social security number." Even just clicking the link can potentially compromise your Facebook account so you need to be carefull!! 

If you see this post on Facebook watch out for it and alert your friends to be cautious. Giving out personal information online to random sources can be dangerous so always protect yourself!

Click the delish post below to see the post you need to watch out for.