Secure The Bag! Kim Petras' "Got My Number" Is The Summer Anthem We All Needed

May 2, 2019
Kim Petras

Rich Fury / Staff / Getty Images


You should hit me up!

Kim Petras just dropped her new song titled "Got My Number" and it's honestly the summer anthem we've all been waiting for -- WOO AH! The song finds our fav Pop visionary wanting a boy to hit her up because she doesn't want to be a good girl, duh.

What I love about the song is the subtle Pop references that may or may not have been intentional. We get a little Lady Gaga moment with the lyric "with your hands on my hips and my hands on your HUH" from the classic hit "Lovegame." Then -- it's probably a reach -- but a brief Ciara moment with "my body is your party" and I like to think "what you waiting for?" is a nod to Kim's fav Gwen Stefani.

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Whether those are intentional or not -- "Got My Number" is a literal ANTHEM! She knows how to create a massive Pop hit and throw in moments that her fans -- us Bunheadz -- love. The phone ring into "Girl! What's up b****!" at the beginning is going to be a fire starter on the dance floor and "secure the bag, sis!" is going down in history next to the greats.

When Kim opened for Troye Sivan on the Bloom Tour, I caught up with her for 103 Questions. During the interview, we naturally talked about Britney Spears and her knowledge of Spears' work demonstrates why she will be a Pop icon.