Poppy Highlights Britney Spears & Max Martin As Last Time Pop Music Was Alive

The singer talked about the Pop Genre, interesting stories behind 'Am I A Girl,' and what we can expect from her new music!

February 7, 2019

You gotta be iconic!

Last Halloween, Poppy dropped her flawless second album Am I A Girl?. The "Chic Chick" is currently on touring the album and I got the chance to catch up with Poppy ahead of her show in Boston and talk all about Am I A Girl? and tour, Pop music, upcoming projects, that "Scary Mask" collaboration, and more!

Funny enouhg -- when it came to the Super Bowl Halftime Show Poppy had to look away when Adam Levine took of his shirt! Last time we caught up was at the dawn of the Am I A Girl? era when she had teased that her second album was "almost done." Now, we've learned that before releasing her sophomore album Poppy "changed her mind" and decided to record something else, which is what we have been gifted with.

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In a recent interview with Breathe Heavy, Poppy mentioned that Pop music is dead. When I asked her about the last time she felt Pop music was alive, she stated, "Two of the last ones to, you know, really do it...Britney Spears and all of the production by Max Martin with Britney." Let's really detail Spears' and Martin's collaborations: "...Baby One More Time," "(You Drive Me) Crazy," "Oops I Did It Again," "Lucky," "Stronger," "Overprotected," "I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman," "If U Seek Amy," her 7th ablum Femme Fatale which included "Hold It Against Me," "Till The World Ends" "I Wanna Go," and "Criminal" -- special shoutout to my favorite FF song "Inside Out."

It may seem excessive to note all of these collabs, but to understand how accurate her statement is you need to know the extensive history of Britney and Max. Plus, some of Britney's best work lies in album tracks with Martin that the general public probalby has no knowledge of -- unless you're in the Britney Army of course. After saying Pop music is "boring" and that she doesn't consider herself a Pop artist specifically, she thoughtfully mentioned how "Pop means something different to everybody!"

Recently, we were gifted with "Voicemail" as the first taste of Poppy's next era. This song will serve as a taste of what to expect as "Metal" did pre-Am I A Girl? We can expect the new album to drop in mid-2019 and it's being created in Los Angeles -- some American influences and Japanese.

We've also been teased recently with an upcoming single titled "Scary Mask" that has an unknown feature. Naturally I had to make a guess...I picked BABYMETAL, but even though I was wrong she did confirm the collab is with a band. Poppy was also very excited by the BABYMETAL idea, "Oh I'd love it to be with them to...that is a dream we can put that out into the world and hopefully it will happen someday."

Listen to the full interview above to hear more from Poppy!