Poppy Drops Bloody Video For "X"

The track closes out her sophomore album, 'Am I A Girl?'

November 5, 2018

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Get me get me bloody!

Poppy took a cue from her own lyrics for the visuals in the music video for her song "X." The heavy-mteal tinged track, which closes out her sophomore album Am I A Girl?, features the singer running through a sunny field with friends then immediately being covered in blood. 

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Hevy Metal isn't a sound you'd expect to hear from Poppy, but "X" is the prime example of how skilled she is as an artist. It follows "Play Destroy," which features Grimes, comes before and introduces this darker sound before jumping into the madness of "X." We need a full Poppy Metal album asap tbh -- she has said she wants to work with Marilyn Manson!!

Her last album poppy.computer ended with a track called "Pop Music" that reaffirmed the story she told throughout the album. What is she trying to tell us here? She's also serving us a Pop message, so don't let the blood and fast-moving camera angles distract you!

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