Poppy Addresses Mars Argo Lawsuit

The Internet sensation breaks character for the first time.

May 7, 2018

P-O-P-P-Y I'm Poppy!

This is the first time the Internet sensation Poppy, who typically keeps up her mysterious demeanor, has spoken out publicy. Her statement is in regards to the recent lawsuit against her and her creative collaborator Corey Mixter (Titanic Sinclair) filed by Brittany Sheets (Mars Argo). 

"I have never spoken out publicly before as Poppy, but I am doing so now because I feel it is important to address these false accusations" the "My Style" songstress said in a statement posted on Twitter. You can read more on PopCrush about the people mentioned. 

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The singer also went on to say, "I look forward to the coming days when I can speak in greater detail about my personal journey" and assured fans that "this is a matter that will be handled swiftly." 

Last December, I caught up with Poppy for 103 Questions and she said she was "almost done" with her second album and "it's really good." The duo plan to release their art as planned, so hopefully we'll be getting the new album soon enough!