Paris Hilton's #DarkAndRealAF 'Hollywood Love Story' Debuts Tomorrow

The online show chronicles the lives of people who want to be Internet famous.

July 10, 2018
Paris Hilton

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Do you want to be famous?

If so, you might want to check out Paris Hilton's new show Hollywood Love Story that premieres tomorrow on Viceland. According to PEOPLE, "the show follows a group of aspiring social media stars as they try to rack up their followers while navigating the complexities of their online lives."

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This show is clearly going to bring the drama. Plus, there's no better person to give us an introspective look into the lives of wannabe social stars than the Queen of Fame, Simple Life extraordinaire, Ms. Hilton.

The show is going to highlight both sides of fame, and the real costs people pay on their path towards Internet stardom. It's doing to be "#DarkAndRealAF," so you'll want to tune in tomorrow!