Nicki Minaj Sets The Record Straight On Travis Scott

Here's why 'QUEEN' was #1!

September 4, 2018
Nicki Minaj

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What ever you say Mrs. Majesty!

Nicki Minaj appeared on Ellen today and spilled the tea about her love life, why she doesn't need a man, and the recent news with Travis Scott. The rapper explained why she wasn't angry or upset and that she was just stating the facts and what's fair.

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"When you have a #2 album to someone who's selling shirts, and merch, and passes to a tour that's not even announced yet it feels like you're being tricked." She went on to explain that "it feels like someone is playing a game and beating you at a game as oppsoed to just selling music, I want to sell music!" I love that Nicki also took the time to state how she was grateful for everything and shut down the haters who were saying she wasn't.

Let it be known that QUEEN is an incredible album and Nicki's orange hair is ICONIC! The reigning royal also helped Ellen hand out 3 checks for $50,000 each for deserving college students. 

Check it out below: