Lizzo Brings The "Juice" To 'Ellen,' Gets Christina Aguilera's Approval!

We love legends supporting legends!

January 30, 2019
Lizzo Christina Aguilera



We love legends supporting legends!

Lizzo performed her smash-hit new single "Juice" on ELLEN yesterday and it was iconic for countless reason. Shoutout to Ellen for having Lizzo on her show and giving her the platform she deserves. 

"Juice" is THE song you need to know right know. Lizzo is the definition of the total package and this performance perfectly demonstrates why. The best performances are always when artists extend songs, or intertwine their legendary moments within to elevate the performance.

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The "Truth Hurts" singer kicked it off with the first few lines of "Juice" with the "hair toss, check my nails" line from arguably her biggest song "Good As Hell." She was serving looks throughout the entire performance, delivered us choregraphy, and used the entireity of the ELLEN set, from back stage, main stage, and all through the crowd. All of this moving around the set was complimented with strong LIVE VOCALS! 

To top it all off, she included a flute solo towards the end, which she has become famous for. Check out her play the flute then BREAK IT DOWN with choreo -- there's honestly no one like her. What makes me so happy is that this was such a big moment for Lizzo and she MORE than delivered and showed everyone why she's a superstar. 

After the performance, she bumped into Christina Aguilera backstage who watched, which obviously made Lizzo freak out (as we all would). The "Candyman" singer complimented her by saying, "that was a great performance, I loved it!" After a quick moment, Lizzo immediately broke into a "Dirrrty" moment -- also something I need to hear her cover. 

Wow....2019 is going to be the year of Lizzo AND I CANNOT WAIT!!!