Little Mix Serve POWER In "Think About Us" Music Video

I look in your eyes and the whole world stop!

February 15, 2019
Little Mix



I look in your eyes and the whole world stop!

Little Mix have finally gifted us with the "Think About Us" ft. Ty Dolla $ign music video and the girls are serving us LOOKS and commanding POWER! The video opens with an incredibly stunning shot of Perrie lying on grass surrounded by flowers and butterflies, and then the other ladies are all featured in their own scenes while also joining together in an all-white choreo scene. 

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As MTV UK states, "having already described it as their favourite video to date, they sure put a lot of work into it and it all paid off because it's a strong, gorgeous statement that positions them in control." The girls effortlessly command every single scene in this video as they make ICONIC look so easy.

The directors -- Bradley & Pablo --  wanted to take the "stripped back, confident and feminist sound" of LM5  and "wanted to help continue their mission to show a version of themselves which felt more authentic or honest." 

Honestly these girls are so flawless and "Think About Us" -- and the rest of LM5 -- is a total smash. Us Mixers love you girls!!