Little Mix Continue To Prove We Do Not Deserve Them

The performances these girls deliver are the definition of iconic!

February 21, 2019

Little Mix have once again displayed why they are the most iconic girl group in the world!

Last night at the 2019 Brit Awards, Jesy, Jade, Leigh-Anne, and Perrie commanded the stage as they delivered an intense, powerful, and intricately produced performance of their LM5 lead single "Woman Like Me." Every single inch of that stage was used, there was a fantastic use of TV graphics, and even in a sea of backup dancers these four ladies shined bright and owned the stage as only they can do. 

Very few Pop superstars today actually serve a performance like this...something everyone will remember. The remix the track and add in different elements: starting at the table hitting those beats, throwing in that Ms Banks feature, and the breakdown at the end. All of this while looking stunning, belting every lyric, ferocious hairography, and moving around that stage like it was a walk in the park.

British GQ said it best, "they knew exactly what they were doing: take the most iconic moment ["Woman Like Me">, which people already know inside out, and give it a breath of fresh air. Even the decision to swap in Ms Banks for the rap section screamed self-confidence: they knew exactly who they wanted, exactly the sound they needed, and the whole thing gelled fabulously."


This isn't the first time we've seen Little Mix absolutely destroy the BRITs stage. In 2017, the metallic silver intergalactic warrior-esque ladies gave us possibly their most powerful performance to date. They weren't just shouting at the exes -- it was at all of us to pay attention for what we were about to witness. As the song states, "I'm all the way up" and that's exactly what this performance was. 

Interestingly enough -- when I got the chance to catch up with the girls shortly after this performance they told me they really had only about 2 days to pull this off. Additionally, none of the music or choreogrpahy or anything was right until the day off. Despite all that adveristy we got this....

And of course the performance that started this entire post -- the 2016 BRITs! At the time, "Black Magic" was the group's biggest international hit. Plus, the video was a smash as well. The song provided the perfect theatrical backdrop for a theme and their classic added choreo drove home the chanting nature of the lyrics. 

For their first Brits performance, we really got the first taste of what these ladies were capable off. Find a flaw...I dare you! This performance came during the group's third album Get Weird and it set the stage -- pun intended -- that the girls would build off from with future projects. "Black Magic" was truly brought to life and that tribal aspect -- the outfits, props, and breakdown -- was seamless.

The BRITs have become Little Mix's biggest moment. Every performance they do is epic, but there is always something special about this award show and what we can expect. 

In the USA, the VMAs tend to me our most iconic award show for performances and a hotbed for artists to experiment. Us Pop fans know the VMAs are the most-anticapted night in music. What's great is that Little Mix have turned the BRITs into a must-watch event, even for someone across the pond. We can only hope that soon enough Little Mix will be granted the opportunity to perform -- hopefully open tbh -- the MTV VMAs. 

Little Mix are Pop superstars -- legends -- and remain one of the few acts in the genre to genuinely be serving us that Pop-nostalgia we all crave. Congrats on the BRIT award, much deserved!