Lindsay Lohan's "Bossy" Remains A Timeless Anthem

The track is the theme song for her new MTV show!

January 9, 2019
Lindsay Lohan

Cindy Ord / Stringer


I'm just a little Bossy!

Lindsay Lohan has recently returned to television with her MTV show Lohan Beach Club which focuses on the operation of her successful Mykonos beach club and the dramatic VIP hosts she brought in from the United States.

The show is great for many reasons. First, it's bringing the "Rumors" visionary back into our homes each week. Second, the show is using Lohan's 2008 Dance Club #1 hit song "Bossy" as the theme song! The song is a Pop staple for die-hard fans.

We all know "Rumors," which is one of those songs that has elevated to hit-nostalgia tracks at clubs, and many know "First" from it's inclusion in the Herbie Fully Loaded movie. Shoutout to those who can go a little more deeper (RAW) into the Lohan universe -- hello "Over" and "Fastlane!" 

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"Bossy" is one of those tracks that never truly got the attention it deserved in 2008. It was definitely ahead of it's time and clouded by the paparazzi -- addressed with "Rumors" -- but it was exactly what we needed. Was it the top song of the year? Of course not. For Pop fanatics, has it outlasted countless other tracks that came out the same year? You bet it has!

Lohan Beach Club is bringing the BOP back for everyone. The sophisticated and sexy vibe of Lindsay's beach club pairs wonderfully with the sultry, sassy, and simplistic nature of "Bossy." The track remains just as relevant in the 2019 Pop world as it did back in 2008, which goes to demonstrate the superstar nature of LiLo. Her music career was criminally underrated and hopefully this show will bump up the streams and start giving "Bossy" the platform it deserves.

The fact an 11-year old song could even be considered for theme song is wild, but it fits so perfectly. Lindsay LOVES to remind us she's the boss who is building a brand! It's inclusion is one of the most talked about aspects of the show on social media. 2019 bringing "Bossy" to televisions everywhere really means the sky is the limit for what we can expect this year!