Lauren Jauregui Talks Human Rights And Stuns On Cover Of LADYGUNN Magazine

"Human rights are the most precious thing in the world."

December 14, 2018
Lauren Jauregui



Lauren Jauregui opens up and stuns on the cover of LADYGUNN magazine!

The "Expectations" singer talked songwriting, politics, social media, and human rights in the interview. "Human rights are the most precious thing in the world...Seeing ourselves reflected in one another is the first step to fixing things. Everyone deserves the rights to live a happy, healthy, safe life."

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Jauregui went on to talk about songwriting and her art. "My music is definitely more of an exploration of my own experiences of just being a girl in this world and how that makes me feel...Music encapsulates your mind for a moment and takes you somewhere else, and I think it’s so dope that music can do that and that power exists in it."

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