Is Kris Jenner Milking Her "Thank U, Next" Cameo?

Kim Kardashian thinks so!

December 6, 2018
Kris Jenner

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Thank U, Next!

Kris Jenner was immediately everyone's favorite Mean Girls character from the second she appeared in Ariana Grande's record breaking music video. Plus, her thank u next, b**** at the end has already been written into the history books. 

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Well, it appears all of this music video fame may be getting to her according to daughter Kim Kardashian. Kim sent out a tweet yesterday claiming that her mom is now "milking" her new slogan from the video.

Honestly, imagine being in a room with Kris saying that...iconic. Ariana's video truly is a piece of Pop culture that will live on forever, so it's nice to see the super famous can appreciate it just as much as the rest of us. 

Of course Ari saw the tweet and responded. Let's get a full-length remake to happen!