Kim Kardashian Is The Internet's Newest Meme...Again

She was definitely trying to be memed with this picture.

August 7, 2018
Kim Kardashian

Pascal Le Segretain / Staff

Kim Kardashian is once again the Internet's hottest meme!

The reality star took to social media to share a pic of her showcasing hubby Kanye's newest Butter color Yeezy 350's. The pose in the picture is the definition of extra. Check it out:

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Naturally, the Internet did its magic by photoshopping Kim from the photo and placing her in a variety of scenes. It's honestly scary how close her pose is to the woman from the Life Alert commercial. She is a social media genius, so it wouldn't be surprising if she had that planned out. 

Did you know Kim ran the San Francisco marathon? Or that she was in Toy Story? LOL check out the memes below!