Is Kendall Jenner's Oversized Jacket Ridiculous Or The Greatest Thing Ever?!

Talk about a statement piece...

October 25, 2018
Kendall Jenner

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Talk about a statement piece...

Vogue Paris has shared a new photo of Kendall Jenner rocking an interesting look. The mega jumpbo oversized jacket has become a thing recently and many celebs have jumped on board. Check out Kendall rocking it below:

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Naturally this is blowing up as a new meme on Twitter. Some people might think that wearing red is a bold statement for a normal jacket let alone a red jumbo one like this!

Your Canada Goose has nothing on this jacket. Honestly, it's a bit large, but we LOVE. Imagine how warm that must be? Plus, it's the perfect jacket to wear to Fenway for the World Series. 

Better get your jacket game ready for winter!