Joe Bermudez's "Crazy Enough" ft. Louise Carver Hits #1 On Billboard Dance Chart

The DJ is back at the top of the charts!

April 11, 2018
Joe Bermudez "Crazy Enough" Louise Carver

Do you think you're crazy enough?

Joe Bermudez is back at the top of the charts with his newest track "Crazy Enough" ft. Louise Carver! The track has made its way to the #1 spot on the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart.

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This is a huge feat considering the DJ beat out Demi Lovato, Pink, and Dua Lipa -- some of the biggest artists right now -- to make it to the top. "Crazy Enough" marks Joe's third #1 song, and his second time doing so with Louise -- their first song to make it there was "Sunrise." The other number one song was "Ghosting." 

Click here to see the Billboard Chart, and check out the music video above!