Extra Eric's Bop Of The Week! "Something Sweet" by Madison Beer

Hear what she has to say about the song!

May 21, 2018

Hey boy tell me what you're thinking!

"Something Sweet" by Madison Beer is one of those songs that's just soooo good. It's pure Pop and the chorus will literally give you whiplash from bopping to it.

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This song was actually the first track she released as an independent artist. "It was so nerve racking to put that song out so it's really special to me and that's why I wanted to put it in my setlist." The As She Pleases singer went on to say the song was "a new chapter for me, and the beginning of my career -- truly!" 

If you've never heard the song its definitely one you MUST listen to. While we're at it -- her new EP As She Pleases is honestly out of control and hearing the songs live on tour was incredible. Get on the Madison Beer train if you're not already! 

Check out "Something Sweet" below: