Extra Eric's Bop Of The Week! "Rock$tar Famou$" by Lil Aaron ft. Rico Nasty

The Soundcloud star shines on his new EP!

June 4, 2018
Lil Aaron 'ROCK$TAR FAMOU$' EP Cover

Lil Aaron 'ROCK$TAR FAMOU$' Cover

I know you think that you fly! -- disclosure: some lyrics on this track are NSFW

Soundcloud star Lil Aaron recently dropped his new EP ROCK$TAR FAMOU$ and every song on it is fire. What's great about this EP is that much of the sound is reminiscent of tge early 2000s, which aligns with Aaron's punk influences -- Travis Barker is even featured on the opening track "QUIT." 

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The rapper is friends with Kim Petras -- recently announced that she'll be opening up for Troye Sivan on the Bloom Tour -- and he has appeared on her track "Faded," a TOTAL BOP! Now, Kim is featured on another one of the EP standouts, "ANYMORE."

You may have zero idea who Lil Aaron is, but he's definitely someone to check out if you're looking for a fresh new sound. Check out "Faded" and "ANYMORE" below!