Extra Eric's Bop Of The Week! "Karaoke" by Big Freedia ft. Lizzo

You might recognize Big Freedia's voice from Beyonce's "Formation" video...

July 5, 2018
Big Freedia Lizzo



Clap clap when I sing, so I know that you feelin' me!

I present to you the Queen of Bounce Music aka BIG FREEDIA! The singer has been a staple on two big RuPaul tracks, "Peanut Butter" and "Freaky Money," but was also featured in Beyonce's "Formation" with "I did not come to play with you h***, I came to slay b****..." line. 

When it comes to original music, Freddia has plenty of smash tracks, such as "Dangerous," "Y'all Get Back Now," "Explode," "Crazy," and the Christmas staple "Make It Jingle." Once you throw on some of these songs you can't help but shake your booty. 

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At the beginning of June, Big Freedia dropped the 3rd Ward Bounce EP and it features a collaboration we ALL needed. The track is called "Karaoke" and it features the one and only Lizzo who is QUEEN of the Bops -- "Truth Hurts," "Boys," "Worship," "Fitness," the list goes way on. 

"Karaoke" is the perfect mashup of Bounce and Pop that makes for one hell of a listen. Lizzo's vocals literally slay you when she kicks in on the chorus. The song is pure perfection.

As always, give it a listen and throw it on your playlist and you can thank me later!