Extra Eric's Bop Of The Week! "Devil Pray" by Madonna

Avicii co-produced the 'Rebel Heart' track.

April 23, 2018
Madonna 'Rebel Heart' Album Cover

Madonna 'Rebel Heart' Album Cover

Yeah we can run and we can hide but we won't find the answers...

This week's Bop might come as a surprise, and if you're not a big Madonna fan there's a good chance you've never heard the song "Devil Pray." On Madge's last album, Rebel Heart, that dropped in 2015, the singer brought on a laundry list of incredible producers, including Diplo and Avicii.

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"Devil Pray" was one of the tracks that Avicii co-produced and it's one of the album's standout moments, which has always been one of my favorite tracks. Avicii has an incredibly impressive body of personal work, but his talent also helped to shape projects for a variety of other artists as well. I bet before this post you had no idea Madonna & Avicii collaborated!

The "Levels" DJ also co-produced two other songs that made the album: "HeartBreakCity," and "Wash All Over Me." Rebel Heart has some of Madonna's best work and it's definitely an album that deserves a listen -- check out "B**** I'm Madonna," "Ghosttown," and "Holy Water" while you're at it.

This week's Bop is a different type of Bop...it's not a song you're going to blast at a party, but it's a song you won't want to turn off due to the beautifully fashioned production.