Extra Eric's Bop Of The Week! "Chit Chat" by Alma

Do yourself a favor and listen to her 'Heavy Rules' Mixtape!

March 30, 2018

ALMA 'Heavy Rules' Mixtape Cover

Can we cut the chit chat?

Every Friday, I will be crowning my Bop Of The Week aka songs that deserve to be added to your playlists asap. This week it couldn't have been easier choice..."Chit Chat" by Alma ft. Kiiara! 

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The Finnish pop star dropped her debut mixtape earlier this month on March 2nd and it's legit flawless from start to finish. "Chit Chat" is the perfecet song for your Friday night and when you listen to it you'll get why. Alma was recently featured on BFF Charli XCX's last mixtape POP2 -- also a must listen -- on the track "Out Of My Head" alongside Tove Lo, so it's no surprise she brings the fire Pop with her own mixtape. Kiiara was the perfect collab for this song. 

After this track, dive deeper into Heavy Rules with "Good Vibes," or "BACK2U" -- you'll thank me later. 

Check out "Chit Chat" above!