Charli XCX Drops "Click" Remix With Kim Petras & Slayyyter

October 14, 2019

Wish you had this clique!

A week after delivering her "White Mercedes" music video Charli XCX is here to save the world with a remix of her fan-favorite Charli track "Click" featuring the iconic Kim Petras & Slayyyter. This new No Boys version finds Slayyyter replacing Tommy Cash. Slayyyter has been blowing up on the Internet with her tracks "Daddy Af," "Mine," "Platform Shoes," and more.

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In Slayyyter's verse, she makes a fantastic reference to Kim Petras' debut album Clarity with "Lil Kimmy got the sauce." In the title track "Clarity," Kim sings "I'm the b**** with the sauce apparently." 

Charli XCX will be performing at the House of Blues in Boston on Thursday October 17th! Check out her "White Mercedes" music video below.