Can Des Linden Win Back-To-Back Boston Marathons?

April 15, 2019

Today is the 123rd Boston Marathon and all eyes are on Des Linden!

Last year, she was the first American woman to win the marathon since 1985 and she is back again this year to defend her title. In an interview with the Boston Globe, she opened up about this year's race.

"The marathon is so fickle. It’s just such a long event, so many things can happen. The cookie crumbles the way it does." Especially with the weather today you never know what can happen.

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She does have one funny superstition about running races....she always wears black socks. "They're business socks!" 

When it comes to preparation, Linden notes that mental strength training is just as important as physical strength, which she feels is neglected. She told CNBC, "We train our bodies. We train our guts...You can train all these different things and it only makes sense that you can train your mind."

The race has started and the women are on their way to Boylston. We'll see if she can pull it off!