Britney Spears' Best 'Circus' Tracks 10-Years Later

The best deep cuts come from this album!

December 5, 2018
Britney Spears

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Baby take a seat, eyes on me, this is my show!

Three days ago on Britney Spear's 37th birthday her infamous album Circus turned 10-years-old! Like Blackout, focusing on the deep cuts, Circus has remained a cult favorite of the Britney Army.

The album spun off the hit singles "Womanizer," "Circus," and "If U Seek Amy." The 4th single, "Radar," originally appeared on Blackout, but was added to Circus and given the proper release. 

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From "Kill The Lights" and "Shattered Glass" to "Mannequin" and "Out From Under," Britney's direction was far ahead of its time thanks to collaborators like Max Martin, Danja, and Benny Blanco. 

Lots of artists today credit Britney Spears as a major influence on their careers, but few, true, Pop stars like Kim Petras are actually influenced by hidden Pop diamond deep cuts of Britney's that most people are completely unaware of. During 103 Questions with Kim Petras, I asked the "Heart To Break" songstress what her favorite Britney song is, since she is a Britney stan. To my surprise, after naming other infamous deep cuts, she decided upon "Unusual You" which is easily one of Circus' greatest gifts. 

Circus reamins a pivotal moment in Britney Spears' career and soft-spot for the Britney Army. From the radio cuts, to the club-ready bangers, to the ballads, Britney really did THAT! 

Throw on these tracks to celebrate the 10-year anniversary this week!