B'DAY! Beyonce's 'Lemonade' Album Turns 2

A look back at the groundbreaking album.

April 23, 2018

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Two years later and we still in formation! 

Can you believe that two years ago Beyonce dropped her groundbreaking, visual album Lemonade? It's almost crazy to think this day comes just two days after she headlined Coachella! 

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It's important to note, as Genuis points out in the tweet above, "Beyoncé is credited as a writer and producer on every single ‘lemonade’ track. she also served as the project’s sole executive producer." This album literally shook the grounds of Pop Culture when the visual album premiered on HBO and her The Formation World Tour, which quickly followed the album drop, was one of the biggest shows of 2016.

Take it from someone who went...it was OUT OF CONTROL! It's crazy to think that in the past 5 years Bey has embarked on 4 completely different tours: The Mrs. Carter World Tour, On The Run, The Formation World Tour, and On The Run II (coming later this year). According to Billboard, after Beychella, three of the "Sorry" singer's albums have re-entered the Billboard 200: Lemonade at #91, Beyonce at #138, and I Am...Sasha Fierce at #160! 

What was so fascinating about Lemonade was that the album had so many pop culture defining moments -- nothing beats the inclusion of Big Freedia on "Formation" tbh -- that we're still talking about the album. It's going to be incredible to see how she follows up after Lemonade. 

Be sure to jam out on this B'DAY!