Apple Unveils Memoji Feature On iOS12

You can now turn yourself into an emoji!

June 4, 2018
Apple Memoji

Justin Sullivan / Staff


Have you wanted to turn into an eomji?

Well you're in luck! Earlier today, at their annual developer conference, Apple unveiled a bunch of new features -- shout out to Group FaceTime Chat! -- including Memoji. According to CNET, "iOS 12 will let you make an Animoji of yourself using the front-facing 3D camera. To make your Memoji feel like you, there are customization options for skin tone, hairstyles, facial features (like freckles) and accessories like sunglasses."

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This feature has existed on android devices, but it wasn't done with the quality of Apple's. It's almost like an upgraded bitmoji? Your memoji can also make FaceTime calls, and reacts to your face -- if you stick your tongue out it will do the same! 

This is definitely one of the best features coming with iOS12!