103 Questions: Aly & AJ

Your favorites are spilling the tea on their music!

July 2, 2018
Aly & AJ Extra Eric

I know that you would want it!

10 years after releasing the smash-hit album Insomniatic Aly & AJ are back with new music that is undeniably the definition of BOPS. The girls dropped their EP Ten Years -- shoutout to "I Know" and "Promises" -- last November and recently performed in Boston at the Paradise Rock Club, so you knew I HAD to get them for 103 Questions!!

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The girls talked all about thier new music, including the newest single "Good Love," who their favorite artists are, and potential collaborations. Oh yeah -- they SPILLED the tea all about their pop-defining music from the 2000s. We even got into the boy-inspirations behind "Potential Breakup Song"....

Check it out above!