Adam Rippon Shares His Pride Month Playlist

What do you think the Olympian is listening to?!

June 6, 2018
Adam Rippon

© Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

This is exactly what we needed for Pride month! 

Thanks to Billboard, we now know what songs Olympian Adam Rippon is jamming too. The list features some popular tracks, but there's definitely a curve ball or two thrown in there. 

The most iconic quote from the article was, "I’m a huge Dua Lipa fan. I think her whole album is so cool. I could have put her whole album on this playlist and called it a day, to be honest." Same Adam, same -- shoutout to mt favorite Dua track "Begging!" 

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So what's on his playlist? Well Dua & Calvin's "One Kiss," Kim Petras "I Don’t Want It at All" (legend), Demi Lovato, "Hitchhiker," and Maty Noyes "Say It to My Face," which was one of my previous Bops of the Week! 

Click here to check out the full list on Billboard!