Jamie Lynn Spears Says 'Zoey 101' Didn't End Because Of Her Pregnancy

14 years after the show's premiere, the star of the show is answering some questions!

January 10, 2019



Zoey 101 premiered 14 years ago ... feel old yet!?

If you were around for the Zoey 101 days, you know the ending of the show caused some speculation due to Spears' teenage pregnancy. On the fourteenth anniversary of the show's premiere, she posted a video of the iconic theme song with the hashtags "#itdidNOTendbecauseofpregnancy" and "#contractwasfinished". Even in recent years, the general public still makes comments and jokes on social media about the fact that her child ruined the show.

Are you ready? 14 years later...still a jam... • • • #itdidNOTendbecauseofpregnancy #contractwasfinished

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Since she never really commented on the subject over the years, fans took this as an opportunity to get asnwers out Jamie Lynn.

One fan demanded a reunion and Spears' responded saying "show me the money --". Another fan questioned the fact that she did not quit due to her pregnancy and also commented on the fact that Spears' waited so long to share the real reason of the show's ending, which she responded with "nope... I went home to finish high school and was going to pursue movies." When someone asked if the contract would have been extended if not for the pregnancy, she simply replied "no".

Most importantly, Jamie Lynn also commented on the Instagram post stating that she needs to figure out where the full version of the theme song is. I am PRAYING 2019 is the year we get it on streaming services!