A Fifth Harmony Reunion!

Lauren, Dinah & Normani reunited at Lauren's "Expectations" release party.

October 26, 2018


My Harmonizer heart is so full!

According to Billboard, Lauren, Dinah & Normani were all together to celebrate Lauren at her debut solo single release party for "Expectations"! This party couldn't have been a better place or reason for this mini reunion. Unfortunately it doesn't look like Ally was there, but we know she's been working on some new projects so we can let it slide. 

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Not only is it great to see them together again, but it's especially nice to see after there have been some rumors of potential bad blood between some of the members. Even though I didn't believe those rumors to begin with, I think it is safe to say this reunion proves those rumors wrong. I mean c'mon, they're a sisterhood!

As always, I wish all of them so much success and hope to continually see them support one another as their solo careers progress!