Dinah Jane Debuts Solo Single "Bottled Up"

The track features Ty Dolla Sign & Marc E. Bassy.

September 21, 2018



I'm drinking, baby, 'cause I'm bottled up!!

Dinah Jane steps into her solo career with a BANG! "Bottled Up" is a smash from start to finish. The track features Ty Dolla Sign & Marc E. Bassy.

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Dinah Jane gives a shoutout to Fifth Harmony with lyrics such as "Work from home, but he gonna stay up with me" & "Let me feel if this is worth it". The song also references one of Dinah's biggest idols, Beyoncé. Ty Dolla Sign raps "Feeling like Bee & Jay, we're drunk in love, yeah". 

The Dinahsty fandom got lucky today and also got a lyric video to go along with the single!

This track is just the beginning for Dinah Jane and we are HERE for the ride!! Dinah recently stopped by 103.3 AMP Radio to chat with JD about the single. She hinted at the 5H references and even hinted at a possible acoustic version! Check out the full interview below.