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Online BTS Archive Armypedia Launching Monday

Get Ready #Army! 'Armypedia' Launches on Monday

Monday is shaping up to be a pretty big day for #Army worldwide. The user-created, online BTS archive known as Armypedia is set to go live, and let's just say fans are here for it. 곧 시작합니다. ARMY와 함께 만드는 BTS 기억 저장소 #아미피디아 Get ready for the archive of all things BTS, made by ARMY! #ARMYPEDIA https://... Read More

Hey Look Ma, I am on MTV's "Game of Clones"

DJ Pauly D from the "Jersey Shore" is starring in a new MTV dating TV show, and I am one of the contestants. Yes, you read that right. I am competing for DJ Pauly D's heart on the new dating show, '"Game of Clones". Cats out of the bag. I’m 27. Even though I was 26 when I filmed this! #mtv A post... Read More

A man named 'Bowser' is the new president of Nintendo of America

Reggie Fils-Aimé is retiring from Nintendo of America and it was just announced the newest president to rule the famous video gaming company is Doug Bowser. That's right. The new president of NOA is named Bowser. The same name of the evil villian in the Super Mario games who kidnaps Princess Peach... Read More

KFC Hires RoboCop to Protect Their Secret Recipe

Future Detroit is a dangerous place, but it's nothing compared to the shots fired today in the fast food wars. That's why KFC has leveled up and hired RoboCop to protect their secret recipe, and to dress like Colonel Sanders . In a new series of ads, RoboCop becomes the new Colonel and the guardian... Read More
TJ Corinne

Week of 2/22/19: The TJ Show

Week of 2/22/19: The TJ Show 103.3 AMP Radio Corinne’s boyfriend changed his Instagram password, Listeners call in before their job interviews, TJ’s Street Match Game, TJ got stuck at the Apple Store, and Burrito Cupholders. Read More

Breakdancing Could Actually Be an Olympic Sport in 2024

The Olympics might finally be fresh for Paris 2024. According to CNN , the sport of breakdancing has been included in an official proposal for new sports when the Summer Olympics come to France in 5 years. The International Olympic Committee will consider the sport, along with surfing, sport... Read More
R Kelly

R Kelly Charged With 10 Counts Of Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse

Earlier this morning, R Kelly was slammed with 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse by the Cook County State's Attorney. According to TMZ, "A grand jury had convened about a week ago to investigate the alleged sex tape that Michael Avenatti handed over to authorities. Sources connected to... Read More
Robert Kraft

Robert Kraft Being Charged With Soliciting Prostitution In Florida

Patriots owner Robert Kraft has been charged with soliciting another to commit prostitution in South Florida. According to WEEI , at a press conference earlier Friday morning, "Jupiter, Florida Police Chief Daniel Kerr named Kraft as being part of a human trafficking sting and he was caught on... Read More