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Producer Matt met two guys who never heard of Ariana Grande, TJ’s Wife Jess sings a song about her Typewriter, Corinne won’t pick up after her dog, Producer Matt talks to Ariana Grande fans, TJ’s wife Jess and Matt perform as a duet, Corinne’s money saving tips, TJ’s Street Match Game, Corinne uses...
Vanessa is filling in this week, People who never charge their phones, Corinne is happy to be off the show, TJ’s Street Match Game, Matt gives Vanessa a proper welcome, Vanessa vs. Girl Scouts, Listeners call with their phone battery percentages, and Tantrum Tuesday.  
Description: TJ’s Street Match Game, Charlee Jane is sick on Valentine’s Day, Loren calls in with an update, Corinne thinks her boyfriend forgot Valentine’s Day, TJ experiments with Phones Listening to us, TJ met listeners over the weekend, Boston Traffic is the worst in the country, and Corinne...