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Producer Matt talked to fans outside The Garden, the marketing department decorated the studio before the game, TJ addresses his bold Bruins theory, and Corinne was upset she didn’t go to the game.
Producer Matt’s Water Heater Broke, a station Promo makes fun of TJ, TJ’s Street Match Game, Pizza Box in the Oven debate, the World’s Best Whistler visits, TJ hates French Fries, Producer Matt asks to try strangers’ food, Jess calls in with a check in.
Idris Elba chats with TJ and Loren about his love for DJing, using his platform for good, and being determined to put out a rap album. He also chats about his new single "Boasty," and reprises his role as Shere Khan from the Jungle Book to leave a message for TJ's daughter Charlee Jane!