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A Listener bought TD Garden tickets, but the seats didn’t exist, TJ’s Street Match Game, TJ wants to befriend his Doctor, Old Underwear is bad for your health, and a listener thinks Vanilla Bean Lattes are technically a soup.

Callers question the existence of baby pigeons, The Top 5 Street Match Moments of September, Kylie Jenner is being accused of upstaging a bride on her wedding day, TJ tries to say Hi to strangers in Boston, Matt prevented an accident on I-90, TJ gives medical advice to a listener with a sore...

TJ discovers the worst Toilet in America, Charlee Throws a Tantrum on Opposite Day, Listeners reveal the craziest things they’ve snuck into class, TJ’s Street Match Game, a listener just moved to Boston from Alaska, and Matt recorded a squeaky door.
Matt dropped cymbals in the library, listeners share their Tommy Tales, TJ’s Street Match game features a stranger who can cry on command, our reception Hilary found a rat in her desk, and TJ’s Mom got anxious at the Cambridge skatepark.