Loren's LoDown 12/13/17: George Clooney Gifted 14 Friends $1M EACH

December 13, 2017
George Clooney Gifted 14 Friends $1M Each This is so cool. In 2013, George Clooney invited 14 of his closest friends to his home to say thank you for having helped him throughout his career. He used to sleep on these guys' couches when he was first starting. To top off his gratitude, George gave his 14 friends black suitcases… which were filled with cash. ONE MILLION DOLLARS, in fact. Also, he paid taxes on all $14M so his friends got the full million. Cindy Crawford's husband was one of those people… and he didn't want to accept the gift… so George made an announcement that said if he didn't take it, no one got the million… so the guy accepted and donated it to charity. Netflix Bringing Trolls, Boss Baby to Series We know the Trolls movies have done really well. And now Netflix is getting in on the action, bringing a Trolls television series to its network. It's going to premiere January 19th… no word yet on whether Justin Timberlake will have anything to do with it. Also, Alec Baldwin's Boss Baby is coming to Netflix as a TV series as well. Kevin Hart Speaks About Cheating Scandal Kevin Hart was asked on the red carpet if he's been naughty or nice this year, and he said both. “But the good thing is you take great steps backwards to take great steps forward. So now, I’ve recovered from some not nice times and now what I basically want is for Santa to know that I’m doing good and I’m doing better. Just to know I’m good guy.” Rihanna Doing Fenty Customer Service You know how Rihanna has her own Fenty beauty line? Welp, I guess her foundation was so popular that it had run out, and she took to Instagram to announce that she re-stocked. And a girl wasn't happy it took so long: “Girl 6 months later.” Two minutes later, Rihanna replied: “sis. we overstocked for 4 months plus, but what can I do when errbody luh da kid?! …also what’s your shade sis?” LOL! G-Eazy Announces Tour G-Eazy announced that he's going on tour… and he'll be swinging by Boston in March. He'll be at the Agganis Arena March 18th. It's called the Beautiful & Damned Tour. The Rock WILL Think About Presidential Run The other day we played a clip of The Rock joking about how if he ran for President, Kevin Hart would completely ruin it for him… but Ellen wanted to clear some stuff up, and The Rock was very clear: yes, he is seriously considering a run. Harry Styles Fills in for James Corden James Corden was out last night… Harry Styles filled in for him for a really happy reason. SNL Hires First Black Head Writer Saturday Night Live has its first black head writer! Michael Che is co-head writer with Colin Jost… who used to be the head writer until he stepped down in 2015. John Stamos is Going to be a Daddy! John Stamos is going to be a dad! Uncle Jesse is 54 years old and his fiancé is pregnant. Apparently she asked him about having a baby before marriage because he was getting old. Then the two got pregnant, and John said he wanted to marry her anyway so he did the right thing and put a ring on it. John said he's going to be a fun dad, too, because he's done every shtick you can do on TV with a baby. The Clooneys Offer Noise Canceling Headphones to Passengers George and Amal Clooney had to travel with their babies the other day so they gave their fellow first-class passengers noise-canceling headphones with a note that read "sorry in advance." The kids didn't end up making a peep. The TJ Show can be heard weekday mornings from 5:30am until 10:00am on Boston's 103.3 AMP Radio. You can follow TJ, Loren and Producer Matt on Twitter: @RadioTJ @LorenRaye and @ProducerMatt AMP and on Instagram: @RadioTJ @LorenRaye and @ProducerMatt AMP. Listen to The TJ Show On-Demand with The TJ Show Podcast on play.it & iTunes