5 Reasons To NOT Wash Your Hair Every day

December 12, 2017
BY: YA GIRL CORINNE I've gone 7 days without washing my hair. Yes I shower every day, calm down. People think I'm gross but dude I save money, time and water! Save the fishes girl! Here are some reasons why NOT to wash your hair every day. - Your hair won't be dry! When left alone your scalp produces oils hydrating your awesome hair. Washing hair every day can take out the good oils... don't do that to yourself! - Your hair will be shinier! Thank the oils again for that. - Your hair color will last longer. Surprisingly water is the problem with color fading NOT shampoo. Use cold or lukewarm water when washing colored hair to keep colored hair longer. - You won't be heat styling as much. The less you use heat products the better your hair will be. Sometimes I can get away with not having to style my hair in the AM. I'll style it at night then throw it in a loose ponytail for bed. I wake up, style my bangs but the rest is good to go! Throw baby powder in and walk out like a champ homie. - Your curls will be more defined and won't be all frizzy because the natural oils will finally get from the root to bottom of hair. YES, your hair may look greasy bc of the oils. Use dry shampoo or baby powder to reduce the greasy look. I'm all about the baby powder bc I feel it last longer but the dry shampoo definitely smells better haha. How long do you wait to wash your hair? DM ME. IG @YAGIRLCORINNE